Sawyer Howitt – Using His Skills at the Meriwether Group

As the son of Meriwether Group founder David Howitt, Sawyer Howitt is developing his business skills by working as a project manager for the company. He has a talent for looking at the needs of a business and determining what their requirements are for operations and finances. Sawyer attends Lincoln High School in Portand, Oregon and is currently a second semester senior. His main interest is his studies on finance and business. In his experience with Meriwether, Sawyer Howitt has developed a keen ability to see the resonance between brands and the consumer. In addition to his work with Meriwether, Sawyer has worked with philanthropic organizations that support women’s rights and educational funding. Sawyer Howitt has also worked with the Kure Juice Bar, to enhance his understanding of customer service.

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The Meriwether Group has worked with both large businesses and small startups to help them realize their goals. This can be through product development, retail rollout, providing a range of financing advice, capital options, and negotiating with lenders. It is through these services that Meriwether considers themselves not just an advisor firm, but an acceleration firm. Their clients are offered a personalized approach that allows them to use the best services that Meriwether has to offer. They will help a business connect their brand to the consumer by establishing that brand’s point of view and getting the message out. Meriwether has strategic plans in place to help with operations, finance, expansion into international markets, food and beverage venues, and book publishing.


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