Achievement of Eva Moskowitz in the Education Sector


Success Academy was founded by Eva Moskowitz, who also serves as its chief executive officer. Previously, Eva was working as a City Council member who abandoned her political ambitions in 2003. After quitting politics, she decided to venture into the charter school business in 2006. Ten years later, her venture has expanded to over 30 schools, educating more than 10,000 children. As a school choice program, Success Academy is praised by many as the perfect example for other schools to follow.


Eva Moskowitz’s Career Background


Eva’s professional career has mainly revolved around the education sector, and between 1989 and 1990, she was lecturing at the University of Virginia on women’s history. She held the position of assistance professor at Vanderbilt University and City University of New York from 1992 to 1995. She became a director at ReadNet, a literacy program for children. Eva served as the director of public affairs at Prep for Prep school where she was also teaching civics. Before joining politics, Eva had applied to open a charter school, but later cancelled the application because of her political ambitions.


Challenges Facing Educators


According to Eva Moskowitz, institutions responsible for educating teachers, including master’s programs have failed and they continue to graduate candidates who lack capability to face various challenges mainly in urban areas. She is particularly against the inflexible teachers contracts that leaves principals with a lot of work to do. In addition, the founder of Success Academy believes that non-charter schools should be supported and modernized in order to improve their performance. Eva Moskowitz has been advocating for the government to fund charter schools in a similar manner they fund public non-charter schools.


In her views, Eva Moskowitz believes that charter schools have provided an excellent opportunity for socio-economic diversity. For instance, Eva cited scenes where majority of schools in New York City where there is segregation between privileged kids and those from poor families. She is very determined that such situation can be changed and offer all American kids opportunity to access quality education regardless of their family background. Eva encourages parents to do away with racial and class discomforts as a way of ensuring academic excellence for their kids have been achieved.



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