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It is clear that the United States government has a preference for corporations since they legally consider them to have more rights than individuals. Going against the grain, Citizens United is taking on the establishment head on to assure that the rights of citizens go over corporate favoritism. Over centuries’ worth of laws have been disregarded by the Supreme Court, allowing corporatism to run rampant more than ever.


Millionaires and billionaires have seemingly unlimited amounts of untraceable money to influence politicians. The Koch Brothers, for example, are notorious for spreading their influence in every corner of government to make sure their private interests are protected.


Since 2015, End Citizens United is the only group to have the gumption to tell it like it is. The people deserve lobbyists who will try and take back their tax dollars and put them into social programs that they deserve. Building a tight-knit coalition will finance only the candidates that support ECU’s platform 100%.


Campaign financing needs more government oversight to prevent the blatant bribing of politicians. The organization makes exposing excessing donations for corrupt politicians a priority.


The organization obviously supports Democrats due to their ant-corporate policymaking. Although there are freedom loving mavericks in the Republican party, the organization tends to disregard the right wing.


ECU’s finances are purely transparent so that they will make an example what our politicians should be doing. Their last FEC report had been produced in March of 2017.


The board of ECU consists of many veteran politicians, political activists, and intellectuals. Ron Barber, an ex-representative for Arizona, has been of the most prominent executives for the ECU’s board. He had also served as Gabrielle Giffords’ district director.


Jessica Vanden Berg is a well-seasoned international ambassador for multiple non-profit groups. She had served for the American Council on Germany, Truman National Security Project, and Maverick Strategy and Mail. She also has experience as the director for the ONE Vote ’08 grassroots initiative that supported Barack Obama. Jessica was also a supporter of


Christopher Massicotte is another prominent board member serving the cause. He is passionate in supporting many progressive grassroots campaign. He had served under DSPolitical, NGP VAN, and more.


Lanae Erickson Hatalsky is a board member that is adamant about supporting socialized policies. Lanae had constantly been pushing for rights for minorities, gays, abortions, and more. She is also against the lax gun laws that our culture has. She spends most of her career lobbying politicians so that they understand the importance of liberal policies. She also had a leading position with Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. She is also an advocate for the Legal Rights Center and the Center for Victims of Torture in Minneapolis.





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