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The professional asset management of different securities and assets to meet investor’s specific goal is investment management. These securities may include bonds, share and other securities while the assets can be real estate or any other asset. In the world, the investment management industry is quite congested with over seventy thousand funds. This may be because more people are looking to make good investments which will earn good returns.

Investment management is beneficial to both institutions and individuals. More and more charities, pension funds, corporations and other organizations are looking into investing. Individual investors who are using both collective investment schemes and direct investments have not been left behind either.

Top firms

An investor has to pay some fee to get services from an investment management firm. The companies’ services include asset and stock selection, financial statement analysis, plan implementation and monitoring of investments. As every investor has different goals, the Investment firm must ensure to do thorough investigations on long-term returns, asset allocation and diversification to the recommend appropriate investment. Some of the top investment management companies in the world include Canterbury Consulting, Allianz, and BlackRock.

These firms’ success is mainly attributed to the team of experts they have employed. The staff knows how to determine what investment is best for which investor and also they put their clients’ needs first.

About Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is the Principal Wealth Advisor at WIN Wealth Management. With over twenty years of experience in financial services, accounting and investments, Mr. Autterson has helped many clients find investment strategies that go along with their goals. Matthew also gives advice on real estate management and tax issues.

Matthew Autterson has a Bachelor of Accounting with minor in Finance from the Buena Vista University and has worked with American Express and Royal Alliance in the past. He was also at North Iowa Community College as an adjunct lecturer and a practicing CPA.

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