Andrew Rolfe Accomplishment

Andrew Rolfe is one of the known entrepreneurs and investor who the main goals are to ensure that he is successful in any organization that he serves. His first job he served at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. and he acted as the Senior Managing Director. Furthermore, he specializes in the investment in the Europe and United States. The organization mostly focuses in food services, hospitality, and retail.

Andrew Rolfe as well served in different companies as the Managing Director and as head of J.Jill’s principal stockholder, USA of TowerBrook and Head of Private Equity. He makes sure that he makes new creativity methods and offer better supervision to the company which enables him to be well recognized. He as well acted as the president of The Gap Inc.’s International Division from the year 2003 to 2006. His commitment enabled him also be part of Staff Member. His main task at Gap Inc.’s Worldwide is to provide strategy include new market appreciation and international trademark enlargement.

Andrew Rolfe as dedicated entrepreneur he enabled Gap Inc.’s international business to begin more than 450 stores in other regions which they include U.K., France, and Japan. The Banana Republic that is situated in Japan and as well as franchise business which is situated in Malaysia and Singapore are some of the business that he was the part when they were founded. When he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Pret A Manager (Europe) Ltd, he made the company to be the top retailer company.

Andrew Rolfe supervised 1,300 KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant in over than 30 countries globally and he also acted as Vice President of Operations Europe for PepsiCo Restaurants International. He as well was the Chairman of Board of Beverages & More, Inc from the year 2007 but later on, he became the Director at The Jimmy Choo Group Ltd. He went to Harvard Business School and attained M.B.A. degree and as well went to Oxford University and attained B.A in Philosophy, Politics. Through giving his clients better attention and satisfaction in their wants he is able to make more income.


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