Jason Hope, Jawa, and the Internet of Things

If your career relied upon predicting the future of technology, how well would you do? Well, for Jason Hope the world waits on bated breath every time he takes to his work. Jason Hope is renowned futurist, a public speaker, and a published author. Hope’s focus has always been on tech trends and where they may lead into the future and his success has made him someone to watch.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. He went on to attend Arizona State where he’d graduate with an MBA in finance. From there it was all about establishing in business, putting his company in the right place to succeed, and making sure that he always stayed ahead of the competition. Getting into the industry, Hope focused on the mobile communication technology that was starting to become popular. Mobile tech is one of the big biggest industries in the tech world and Hope believes that there is always room for more growth within it. That is why Hope has focused on his work with the company Jawa to learn more: click here.

Jawa is a mobile communications company that has succeeded so well it has put Hope into position to take on new ventures. Hope says, “Now I make a living from my portfolio of investments”. Hope continues to lean on Jawa because he understands that technology is the way of the future and communication is always going to be the most important way technology is utilized. Hope was lucky that he found success with Jawa right out of the gates and that has continued to fuel his ascent within the industry.

Jason Hope fundamental believer in this concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the industry that connects our every day life to the internet. We can see in little ways how the IoT has already become effective: sports technology, smart cars, security systems and so on. The Internet of Things is the way of the future and that is what Jason Hope is focusing on now. Jason Hope believes the Internet of Things is the future of tech.

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