Professor Sujit Choudhry: Advisor and Constitutional Expert

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally honored authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. He is a professor of Law both at the University of California and Berkeley School of Law. Sujit is an advisor and a legal expert who has been involved in constitutional building in many countries such as Ukraine, Tunisia, South Africa, Nepal, Egypt, and Libya. Professor Choudhry, Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, has taught in many countries. His organization promotes constitutional building by mobilizing international networks of experts to conduct thematic research projects that provide substantial evidence-based policies to practitioners. Center of Constitutional Transitions forms partnerships with a global network of multilateral firms and NGOs. It has successfully employed over 40 experts from different countries for up to date.

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Professor Choudhry has done a lot of research in comparative constitutional law and politics. Some of the things he majored on include constitutional design in societies that are divided based on their ethics, constitutional design as a key asset in the management of conflict, and constitutional design in the context of change from dictatorship to democratic rule. His interest in Canada made him write about the Canadian constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry had great authoring skills that made him publish over seventy books chapters, reports and articles. Some of his books include The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitution, Constitution Design for Divided Societies, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, and much more. He also has been a consultant for the World Bank Institute and United Nations Development Program.  Hop over to

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Professor Choudhry success has earned him a great reputation in across the globe. Media houses seek to conduct interviews to learn about his ideas on Constitution agendas. CEOCFO Magazine hosted one of his most recent interviews.  For the full interview, click on  Choudhry states that the presence of inadequate and outdated research in matters regarding constitutions which in the long run lead to ineffectiveness in constitutional advice is what motivated him to start Center of Constitution Transitions. He also stresses on ignorance as a vice to know what troubles a community is facing. He states that you have to listen and be responsive to people in the ground as they always have a better scope of what is going on. Choudhry’s wish was to create an organization that hosts the most vital constitutional case-law across the globe in diverse languages.more to read on

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