Impeccable Journey of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo and Group Televisa

Presently it is becoming quite usual to think of Group Televisa when the name Porfirio Sanchez Galindo and vice versa. It has been a remarkable relationship spanning over eight years. Porfirio joined the company after being invited by Group Televisa’s Vice President Alfonso de Angoitia. He took the offer and turned down a job at the World Bank. At the time Porforio was working as the Chief of Staff at the Mexican Ministry of Finance. In actual sense, he felt that the job the company was apt for him and his career prospects. Besides, receiving such an offer from a prominent corporate executive like Alfonso was irresistible. Very few people can decline such an offer.

He rose to the position of Director of Economic Analysis and Special Projects. The job description suited his academic background- mathematics, executive education and software research. All these combined made him a package that was ready to steer the company into higher scale. His primary role is to make decisions on marketing and telecommunications aspects of the business. Being a natural leader, Porfirio ensured that he had an able team of specialists. He even hired a team of highly experienced consultants to help in the revitalization process. With quite a demanding task on his hands, he has been able to synchronize the activities of the various departments. It has facilitated successful marketing of a unified entity with a variety of products.

During his stay at Group Televisa, he is credited with developing a marketing strategy offering television, telephone, and internet services at a bundled prices. His contribution towards this organization is unmatched. At its most basic premise, the plan aimed to ensure people have unlimited access to the internet and also television and telephone services from the comfort of their homes. The idea was lauded for responding to the current media trends spurred by the use of internet and mobile phones. The plan is one among many other innovative products from the company. Under his leadership, Group Televisa has grown by leaps and bounds to become a global media entity with presence in over fifty-two countries.


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