Fantasy Football Ranking for the well informed

The world of fantasy football is much like the regular national football league; it is filled with ups and downs. Take the projected season of Martavis Bryant. This 6 foot 4 inch wide receiver was projected to do great things with his height and speed. Playing for the Pittsburg Steelers and their gun slinging quarter back a wide receiver can do great things. Then the unthinkable happens, Martavis Bryant is suspended for the season for failing his second drug test. What is his path for the 2017 season to make it back to a number one wide receiver territory? This is where The Fantasy Footballers come in.

The Fantasy Footballers are an independent podcast that produces football content all year round. This three host team of Andy, Jason and Mike is well informed and bleeds football. There network is geared for fantasy projections and an asset to all fantasy players.

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