Daniel Taub a diplomat with strong religious and cultural beliefs

Daniel Taub, the former State of Israel ambassador to London, is a Jew who was born in 1962 in Britain. As he was presenting his credentials to the Queen, he wore his kippah. From this gesture, it was pretty clear that he held his culture and beliefs very close and would not put them aside because of his work. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Despite him having to give up his British citizenship, Daniel was happy to serve in bringing the two countries closer together. As he was returning home, those alongside him acknowledged that he truly had an impact in bringing the two countries together. The Jews in Britain had a tale to tell about his work.

Daniel Taub also went ahead and said that he has been in the presence of crises, in the government and media as well, but through it all both the United Kingdom and the State of Israel have benefited through cooperation in strategies.

The former ambassador stated that his work in Britain was to make sure the British understood the Israelis, and what the leadership of Israel is all about. Daniel advises that the relations of the Israel and British Labour Parties have to work towards rebuilding their relationship as they have so much in common. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel is married to Zehava, they both are very enthusiastic and deeply rooted in the Jewish community. For the most part of his career, Daniel Taub has been dealing with international law, mostly problems relating to the diplomacy of Israel. He states that being a Jew in London never brought him any major problems, instead it gave him opportunities to interact and build relationships with different communities.

When Daniel Taub served as an ambassador to London, trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled. This was a big highlight in his career, among cultural and academic links also expanding.

2011 is when Daniel became an ambassador. Daniel has studied in renowned universities such as University College in Oxford, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and the University College in London. In 1989, he moved to Israel and served as a medic in combat and a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Forces.

He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel in 1991 where he held different posts. Through his experience in diplomatic and legal matters, he was appointed the Ambassador of the State of Israel to London from 2011 to 2015.

He now serves as a Director of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation, he is in charge of Planning and Strategies.

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