Karl Heideck Gives More Insights Regarding The New Transport Laws In Pennsylvania

With Pennsylvania adopting new car seat laws last year, many drivers in the region have been reluctant to obey the laws. The authorities effected the laws last month and started taking strong steps against drivers who violate them; one can be fined as much as $75 for it. Karl Heideck has since taken up the responsibility of explaining to the citizenry what the laws mean.

The New Law

Karl Heideck explained that it is now mandatory for drivers carrying children aged two years or below to have a backward-facing seat for the child. This law seeks to protect kids from severe injuries or death in the event of a collision, with experts explaining that a child can only suffer from mild injuries in such an event. As for children above two years but are either below eight years, those shorter than 4’9”, or those who weigh less than 80 pounds, the law dictates that such a kid be placed in a booster seat. By so doing, the safety experts say that the probability of a kid being injured or dying is reduced by more than 80 percent and 20 percent respectively.

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The Genesis of the Law

Following the revelations made by the American Automobile Association that the leading contributor to deaths among children in America is road accidents, Karl Heideck explained that the Department of Transport in the country has also suggested changes in the transportation laws. Among the suggestions made is that kids below the age of 12 be placed in booster seats, raising the age from the previous eight years.

The American Automobile Association derived the statistics from the deaths that occurred between 2010 and 2014. Karl explained on that the statistics showed that on average, 11 kids perished in road carnage during that period. As for the year 2015, the Centers for Disease Control found out that 65 percent of all the children who died in road accidents were not restrained.

About Karl

Karl Heideck is a professional lawyer with an extensive area of expertise. Having graduated in law from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009, Karl embarked on doing government investigations on top of his litigation duties.

Karl, who is also a BA in Languages holder from Swarthmore College, is well known for his unmatched expertise in legal research, legal writing, and commercial litigation. Karl is also an authority in corporate law and employment law.

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