The road to business success by Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that deals with the production and selling of male and female products. It was founded by Doe Deere who now operates as CEO of the company. Doe Deere is passionate about her ideas, this is evident from how she delights when providing cosmetics of high quality to her customers.


Given her success from running Lime Crime, Doe Deere shares her proven ideas on how to become a successful entrepreneur. She starts by advising on how to find out what your set goals are. Finding your passion is important since success only comes while working hard on what you fancy. The next thing to finding out what your passion is to strive to be around those who encourage you to achieve your dreams.


It is also important to exploit your current skill set as you venture into entrepreneurship. Working with your natural set of talents or acquired skill sets eases the whole processes. Deere advises that it will be necessary to grow and change your business strategy, so having to flow with the changes will be of great importance. You will be faced with numerous problems that will require you to tackle them head-on. Most of these problems crop up during the initial stages of the business. Deere advice on the importance of breaking down the problem systematically while analyzing the dynamics of the problem. This is important when it comes determining the steps to take to resolve the problem. She also encourages entrepreneurs not to give up whenever they face problems.

Learning from other entrepreneurs is also advantageous for you will get to understand how they worked to overcome their past issues. Successful entrepreneurs are a great source of inspiration and guidance when it comes to tackling your issues. Having also to pay attention to your subordinates provides you with information on how to better your service delivery to your customers. Deere learned a lot by just lending a listening ear to her employees, this ended up benefiting her company a great deal. Learn more:


It is often that you may get scared to take business risks. It is important to note that without risk, there are no rewards. However, this does not mean that you should jump into an idea without taking the necessary planning steps. Deere advise that someone needs not to be blinded by the fear of the unknown when it comes to taking a risk in a specific business venture. All entrepreneurs, in the beginning, faced the same decision, and it is after proper planning that they decided to go for it and address the problems as they came by. Learn more:


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