Eli Gershkovitch Craft Beer Empire

The beer has always been part of the Canadian fabric. In the 1600s there were still breweries which were widely known for their excellent beer brands. However, microbreweries and craft beer have taken the market in the recent past. The number of microbreweries has increased rapidly from 90 in 2006 to 610 in 2015. With the large percent of microbreweries being located around the major cities of Ontario, Quebec, and B.C. However, craft beer has dominated in places that use to be buzzed by big breweries.


Open Beer Championship in 2017 wrapped up in July, has proven to extend Canada with the beer making. The event was not restricted to Americans breweries only, but it was a trade fair for all worldwide beer makers. Craft beers samples from all corners of the world were submitted to the judges from U.S, Britain, and Canada.


In the competition, the American breweries won the majority of awards with impressive victory emerging from Canada. Canadian wineries took home 24 honors with inclusive of 10 gold medals. They succeeded in various categories including Vegetable Beer, Berliner Style Weisse, and American-style Fruit Beer. It was a surprise to Americans in that, apart from Canada no other country has ever taken awards from U.S Open Beer Championship. Moreover, there was one Ontario brewery that made to the top ten breweries of 2017.


Canada was long forgotten when it comes to craft beer, thanks to innovative and creative minds of the entrepreneurs who are changing the shape of the alcohol industry. One of the influential and pioneer of the craft beer in Canada is Eli Gershkovitch. He is the founder and the managing CEO of the Steamworks Group. Eli Gershkovitch was among the top contenders in the recent Beer Championship. He has been in the forefront in making Canadian craft beer top in the world market (Facebook). Eli has been in the brewing industry since 1995.


Eli Gershkovitch was the first to establish the incorporated steam-powered brewing. It was hard for investors to set up such ventures because of legal complexities. However, Eli Gershkovitch being a lawyer he overcame the situation and even patent various brews. Eli Gershkovitch took years perfecting and tasting each brew before he could present it to the public domain. Steamworks has been able to defeat its competitor through producing quality and affordable craft beers.

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