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Glen Wakeman is an investor who mentors young entrepreneurs through his blog posts. He has had tremendous success in business for more than ten years. During his illustrious career which started at GE capital as CEO, the board of directors and several administrative posts. In 2015 Glen developed Launchpad holdings, a company Glen uses to offer guidance to startup companies and formulating strategies to enable their businesses to thrive. Among the many methods Glen uses to inspire future entrepreneurs, he mainly prefers blogging. His writing touches on a wide range of topics including organizational strategies, the emerging market trends, and management.

Glen has mostly grown a liking towards innovative ideas for business to change the global market. This particular interest came from working in close to 10 countries hence creating his extensive portfolio. Currently, he provides counsel on capital management, investing and global platforms of finance.

Launchpad holding offers a platform to startup companies with software’s that are developed to guide organizations through the business endeavors. Glen insists that success does not happen overnight and hence it’s essential for one to be more focused and be more dedicated. The achievements that he accumulated from huge corporations enable him to offer useful views regarding how a business should operate.

Throughout his profession he has been recognized for his strategies which are proven, the methods are used to determine the functionality of a company (Twitter). In an organization, leadership is vital in the guidance of a group, especially during restructuring. When dealing with employees, Glen developed various ways to convey the company’s objectives, this way they are more empowered and motivated to attain the company’s goals.

In companies, good ideas are always generating, but the mains of realizing this goal become a bit difficult. Glen emphasis that it’s crucial for an organization to have the right strategies to executing the goals set. When companies are changing many employees are in a state of homeostasis it thus critical to come up with the right ideas of risk management. When an organization has already laid its foundation, running of the team requires prudent governance which Glen concludes is very important.

Launchpad primary goal is to make sure solve the problems faced by startups while they are coming up of the business ladder.

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