Using Stream Energy to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Phantom Drain is a problem that every single owner of electronics has, but most have no idea what it even is! What it is, is your electronics continuously using electricity as long as they are plugged in. And it is driving up your electric bill! Stopping it can be as simple as using power strips to remove the feed of electricity to your devices when you are done using them, or just unplugging them. If your electricity spending is something you are really passionate about, then there are even apps you can download and other monitoring tools to help you manage your consumption, such as Smart Meter Texas and Your Weekly Energy Report (


Stream Energy is a company that has revolutionized the energy business. It is a direct selling company, which means, that customers by directly from them, instead of being tossed around and misdirected in a retail store or online environment. It provides connected life services, bundling energy, wireless, home, security, and other services into one system. This streamlines the process of not only paying for your bills, but also receiving customer service.


Over the past twelve years, it has made over $8 billion dollars in revenue, and become a global leader in the worldwide direct selling energy market. It keeps up with the on the go lifestyles of its customers, by combining all their services together, wherever they are ( The Energy Services specifically are available to their customers in Texas, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, and Washington D.C.


Stream Energy is located in Dallas, Texas, and ever since the deregulation of the energy market there has been using its multi-level marketing plan, direct selling, and service bundling to serve an ever-growing amount of customers all over America. Stream Energy releases tips, like how to stop Phantom Energy Drain, on various social media platforms, helping the community take charge of their energy consumption and save money. They are available on Facebook, LinkedIn,, and others. This company will help you take control of your energy bill and make paying for other services easier along the way.


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