Sheldon Lavin Ushers in Unprecedented Growth at OSI Group

The career of Sheldon Lavin has been defined by his remarkable tenure as the owner and CEO of global food processor OSI Group. They have steadily grown over the years and today they are found in 17 different countries operating over 70 facilities. They have great expertise in forging strategic partnerships with leading food service and retail brands and have developed a sterling reputation for mutually beneficial relationships.

The financial and accounting background of Sheldon Lavin was instrumental in his acquisition of OSI Group and it fulfilled his dream of owning and growing a company. He had developed a strong relationship with Otto & Sons which was the original business that turned into OSI Group. He helped them secure additional financing to expand their meat processing operations in the course of his role as a consultant. Eventually, the remaining owners retired and sold him the company outright.

One strategic partner that led to the growing success at OSI Group and Otto & Sons before them was the McDonald’s corporation. The strong success of their business model had a spillover effect to other tangential businesses and this was something that Lavin understood fully in its importance. His vision for a globally successful business can trace its roots back to this origin. The franchise corporate model helped OSI Group flourish and rise like few others and Lavin’s acumen saw the possibilities.

OSI Group is a very large privately held company and they were acknowledged by Forbes Magazine when they made their list of the top such companies. Despite their substantial size, OSI Group is suffused with an entrepreneurial spirit that is found mostly in much smaller companies. Lavin has set the tone at the company headquarters and innovation and creativity are welcomed at OSI. Everyone is encouraged to develop their careers to the fullest potential and creative thinking and problem-solving are mainstays with the company.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin as OSI Group’s CEO has been characterized by their strong emphasis on sustainable business practices. They are an industry leader in this regard and all of their operations are developed with this important principle in mind. They have received numerous awards for sustainability and their aim is to always have positive interactions with people, communities and the local environments in which they operate.

The vision of Lavin has always been to build a world-class food processing company and he has done so with OSI Group. He continues to serve as their CEO into his eighties as he loves the work and the people of OSI Group.

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