Whitney Wolfe Is Turning A New Page

Her Biggest Day

Her wedding in Amalfi Coast represents an entirely new chapter for Whitney Wolfe. The CEO of Bumble has decided to make her marriage a new start for herself. As a single woman, her work at Bumble created one of the most prominent dating apps around and she’s currently enjoys her status as a Tinder competitor. With this new stage of her life, she wants to change everything about the way she does business for good.

Up To This Moment

Prior to her marriage, Wolfe has involved herself in the tech industry as one of the most prominent app developers. She played a major role in the development of Tinder and she continues to play a prominent role through her work at Bumble. She took her understanding of Tinder and decided she wanted to focus on a problem that didn’t seem to be getting much attention in online dating. Sexual harassment in online dating is a major issue but hardly anyone attempts to address it. Whitney Wolfe designed Bumble so that women would be the first ones to make moves no matter what the situation is. So far this approach has led to amazing success.

Single Ready To Mingle

Bumble was specifically designed with singles in mind. It gives women who don’t want to deal with sexual harassment a way to handle things by themselves. If they like a guy, they can choose him and go from there. If they don’t like a potential date, they simply reject them and move on. The result is a platform with far less sexual harassment than most experience. However, now that she is changing her life, it’s possible she will choose a completely different direction to take things.

The CEO Rethinks Everything

It appears that Whitney Wolfe will be taking things in a new direction with her app. She’s recently started the Bumble BFF app which allows people to find new friends in a way similar to finding a date on Bumble. This approach gives people an entirely new way to approach social media Traditionally, social media has focused on helping people connect with people they already know, but this gives people an entirely new way of meeting new people. Everyone changes as they get older, but we’ll have to wait to see how Whitney Wolfe decides she wants to spend this new chapter of her life.

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