End Citizens United Fights Against Illegal Foreign Contributions In United States Election Campaigns

It is not difficult for foreign nationals to circumvent United States political laws, and elections can be manipulated. The alleged intervention of Russia in Donald Trump’s 2016 election may be the perfect example considering, he lost the popular vote by well over three million votes. ECU, or End Citizens United has committed themselves to numerous causes including election reform, gun control, and finance reform. They oppose the Citizens United organizations right wing political policies. They fight billionaires, corporations, and believe no corporation should be able to control American elections by spending unlimited funds.

According to the Huffington Post, political ads were purchased by a Russian Company tied to the Kremlin to influence Donald Trump’s election, and caused the loss of Hilary Clinton. Foreign interests are banned from using funds for a United States election, yet lobbyists have been instructed by foreign interests to finance causes, make illegal payoffs, and develop relationships designed to flout the law.


The Russians use innuendo in the most critical of electoral states. Materials have been posted on websites believed to be stolen by the Russians from the Americans, and negatively influenced the Clinton campaign. When Trump accused the Democrats and Clinton of trying to steal the election, if worked well with the Russian efforts. The New York Times stated social media was used by the Russians to increase the anti-Clinton efforts.

Russia is reputed to have spent over $1000,000 on a variety of social and political ads on Facebook. The primary target of these ads was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. According to NBC News, these ads were running for two years. There were over 3,000 ads on Facebook promoting phony accounts that led to the suspension of numerous pages. A report on CBS News spoke of a group called Secured Borders that supported a rally in Twin Falls, Idaho publicizing anti-immigration. As of January 2017, there were fifteen cases pending with the Federal Election Commission regarding foreign campaign spending.

End Citizens United has committed themselves to the restoration of the democratic election process. They are working to limit the influence of special interests, billionaires and corporations in the legislative process. ECU has pledged their support to campaign reform, and in overturning the decision made by the Supreme Court that allowed corporations to pass themselves off as individuals. This led to illegal and undisclosed campaign contributions. ECU fights against lobbyist money, billionaire mega-donors and illegal peddling by foreign interest groups. The candidates they endorse stand for campaign reform.

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