Fabletics Successfully Leverages Technology To Take On Amazon

When Amazon reviewed its market outlook last year, they added a new competitor in the name of Fabletics. The relatively new company improvises on reverse showroom marketing to assault the market.


Kate Hudson is one of the co-founders of Fabletics. The celebrity founder is using her networks in the fashion and entertainment industry to launch celebrity marketing collaborations. Through the brand, she is inspiring women to be confident about themselves.


She has helped grow the business rapidly. In just over three years after launch, the brand has moved from a startup to an over $250 million company. The firm has over twenty-two stores with more in the pipeline. Membership numbers are also on the rise. Kate Hudson adopts a hands-on approach to Fabletics. She actively participates in design, sales and marketing strategies.


Under her leadership, the brand is fanatical about quality. It is also committed to providing exceptional customer service. The women’s fashion brand leverages the parent company’s infrastructure and technology. Data-driven platforms enable the company to improve the shopping experience and streamline production. To be part of the athleisure revolution, check out the Fabletics site. Take the free lifestyle quiz and find out what particular items are a perfect match for your lifestyle and fashion preferences.


Positive reviews accelerate the decision to buy while negative reviews stop customers from making the purchase. This highlights the high impact of a brand’s online reputation. The trust consumers place on online reviews has been steadily growing. This is in contrast to the trust they place on traditional advertising strategies, which have been on the decline. Modern marketers are taking notice and taking charge of the new trends.


Most brands are incorporating a user review and feedback section as a core part of their online portal. Recent studies indicate that consumers are increasingly placing more value on crowd-sourced reviews than the price of the product. Positive brand reviews have been proven to drive growth. They improve search engine rankings and enable businesses to reach more customers.


Good reviews also work to increase customer loyalty and increase repeat business. The advantage is that brand marketers do not have to build the review portals themselves. Numerous online companies such as Yelp and Trustpilot are dedicated to brand reviews. Crowd-sourced reviews encourage a brand to be transparent. They inform a company’s growth decisions and adopt the customer’s perspective to deliver quality.

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