Bringing a new Face to Community schools the Rocketship Education Way

Rocketship is a network of charter schools for elementary students that operates majorly in low-income areas that have no or limited access to good schools. It was founded in 2006 and is a non-profit organization. It aims to narrow the achievement gap between kids in low –income area schools, and those fortunate enough to be in good schools. The organization’s model is centered on personalized student learning through teacher-led interaction supported by technology. It also engages parents in their kids learning. These parents later become advocates not only for the organization but also their children and community.

Rocketship works in San Jose

Rocketship came to the families in San Jose whose homes got ruined when they got flooded after Coyote Creek broke its banks. Rocketship which has about 20 schools in three states and in Washington D.C innovated a way that raised $62,000 to help the families get temporary housing, furniture, and food. Through this quick act, they met the needs of about 30 families from Rocketship run Bay Area Rocketship schools. This enabled breadwinners of the families to go on with their jobs since their families did not lack any essentials. Kids also got to continue with their learning.

Rocketship and Student families

Rocketship recognizes the importance of the family as a student’s greatest asset in their ongoing education. It is for this reason that it creates a caring, engaging and fosters collaboration between parents, the student’s teachers and the students themselves. This helps the students to navigate life’s complexities and its challenges through instilling the importance of having healthy external relationships out of school. Rocketship Education is part of a large number of charter schools that tap into parental engagement in their children’s school curriculum. This creates connections between parents and the school thus fostering cohesion in the community.

Parental experience as part of the Rocketship Education

A forgotten aspect of a student’s success is the parent’s experience of the school. Rocketship Education makes parent-teacher relationships top priority. This enables both the teacher and the parent to give insights that help in finding ways to fully exploit the child’s potential. This is achieved by having the teacher pass information to the parents whenever the student is struggling academically or even socially. Both then unite to seek a solution that gives the best outcome.

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