Sheriff Joe Arpaio

October 18th, 2017, was not a joyous day for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. A bunch of big, scary, tough guys in regular clothing drove up to their homes and threw them into vans. The vans took them to two separate jails that were under the guidance of Sheriff Arpaio.

This whole incident sparked a years-long court battle that ended in a $3.7 million settlement for two happy victims. The courts ruled in their favor because it was found that Arpaio had violated the rules that had to be followed in order to arrest people.

Sheriff Arpaio had already been working as the Sheriff of Maricopa County since the early 1990s. This situation with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey wasn’t the only stunt that he pulled. For many years he was widely known as a powerful figure who made outrageous, attention-grabbing policies that sparked outcries.

One of his most well-known policies was to dress inmates—both males and females—in pink uniforms. Pictures of this can be found all over the internet. He also fed inmates moldy bread and fruit that was rotten–which is pretty cruel. A person can wear any sort of outfit and still physically be okay. However, giving rotten food to people is a major health hazard.

In the past several years, it has been noted how mentally ill people have not been treated correctly in facilities run by Sheriff Arpaio. They are kept in poor conditions where they do not receive the proper treatments. As a result, they grow more and more symptomatic.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin joyously created an organization to tend to the plights of immigrants and Latinos. These two groups are demographics that have suffered under the hands of the lousy Sheriff of Maricopa County. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The needs of people in these groups varies and depends upon the individual. As a result, the Fund supports organizations that tend to every niche that one can think of.

For example, some of the organizations that the Fund supports tend to the niche of immigrants needing food and water. Other organizations tend to the niche of LGBTQ people finding acceptance in their communities. There is a very strong Native American element in Arizona.

They look Latino, sometimes are Latino, have Latino relatives, sometimes have immigrant loved ones and are racial minorities. An overwhelming number of Latinos are mestizos—mixtures of Native Amerindian and European. As a result, the Fund helps at least one organization that tends to the interests of Native Americans.

Jim and Michael hold the belief that the plights of immigrants and Latinos are very real and should not be ignored. Many times, these groups are objectified and spoken about as if they are subhuman. In reality, they face terrifying dangers in their countries, as well as terrifying dangers in America.

The terrifying dangers in their countries include sheer violence and death; while the terrors in our country include racial profiling, being deported back to their hellholes, being robbed by people who know that they are carrying their whole life’s savings, being sold into slavery, being taken advantage of by smugglers and being abused by employers.

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