Doe Deere, Lime Crime & The Cosmetics Revolution

Cosmetics has been around for over a century, and they are some of the most popular products in general. Cosmetics can transform average-looks into crowd-stealing beauty. Maybelline, Covergirl, Almay, Revlon and L’Oréal are some of the best selling cosmetic brands to date, but their is a new king of the hill. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? If you haven’t heard about this amazing brand, then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Lime Crime is one of the hottest new cosmetics line on the market today. Its founder, Doe Deere, has helped to bring new life into this exclusive industry and here is why.


Doe Deere has grown into an icon in a sense, and her company has gained a loyal cult-following. Though currently residing in Los Angeles, California, she spent more than a decade of her time in New York City. This just so happened to be her very stop when she relocated from Russia. Yes, Deere is from Russia, but her very own style is universal. While living in New York City, she learned a lot about business. She also had to grow-up very fast. Deere had aspirations of becoming a musician, and she certainly got a chance to do so by joining a local band. This band was where she met her present husband as he was also a member of this exclusive band. The band toured all around metropolitan New York, but her main stomping grounds were in Brooklyn and in Manhattan. Learn more:


Deere attended F.I.T for a period of time, but she already had drawn-out a plan for her success. During this time, she would major in illustration and in fashion design. Deere already had plenty of previous fashion-sense, and she felt as if she was ready to start her own company. Though she didn’t fulfill her entire time at F.I.T., Deere went on to launch an amateur fashion line on Ebay. Yes, this was known as Lime Crime, and it definitely helped to publicize her name. It took about a year for the brand to really start making money, but she noticed a void in cosmetics. There were no bright and vivid makeups to choose from at the time. Deere had finally found her mission and Lime Crime became an instant hit. To this very day, there is no other makeup brand that is producing such unique colors for cosmetics, which is why Lime Crime is so popular.


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