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Sujit Choudhry is a law professor who decided to go beyond his profession. Sujit teaches at the University of California but also other duties to his nation. Sujit’s specialty is constitutional law. Through these skills, he plays an essential role in the global community. Sujit is the chair for Center for Constitutional Transitions. He also founded this organization (

The organization is mainly interested in matters concerning the constitution. It could be resolving issues or understanding the constitution. Today, many countries have embraced democracy rule. However, some countries are still in authoritarian rule while others are transitioning. The center is there to help such countries that are transitioning from one rule to another.

The Center held a conference in the year 2017. It included many experts in constitutional law and other matters. Such a conference was meant to enhance strategies of how to help countries that are willing to change. Moving from one rule to another must have challenges. The conference also addressed how to deal with them.

Sujit represents hope for nations that are learning self-rule. Through the help of the center, they will be fully independent. The center is also interested in educating people on matters of the constitution. When Sujit founded this center, he may have not known that it will enhance cohesion. When nations come together, they uphold togetherness and cohesion.

Lecturing at University of California has increased Sujit’s experience. This university is seen as an authoritative center for politics and constitutional law. Sujit has played a role in commanding this kind of recognition to the university (  Apart from lecturing in this institution, Sujit gets other opportunities of speaking or lecturing audiences. His skills, experience and knowledge are valuable in many other areas.

Sujit Choudhry does not want to own these skills alone. He would like to mentor people who will become a part of his center. He would also want to pass on his skills to benefit others in different areas. As a result, Sujit Choudhry is a mentor to students and other people who express interest in learning from him. Sujit’s achievement will leave a legacy that will be carried on by his successors.

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