One Target at a Time with Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder of a company called Seattle Genetics. The company was created in 1998. The goal of this firm is to develop targeted drugs for diseases that have a very high mortality rate. Clay Siegall has worked previously for Bristol-Meyers Squibb and the National Institutes of Health. In an interview with Clay Siegall talked about Seattle Genetics and what makes him a good businessman.

Clay Siegall has always been interested in the field of medicine and helping people. He got the idea for Seattle Genetics when he a family member became sick and the treatment was difficult. He started looking around and found people taking radical approaches like risky surgery and even amputation to cure the disease. He knew in his heart there had to be an easier way to treat these patients. He says it was hard work for him to get the company off of the ground and it took a decade for Seattle Genetics to make a profit. The reason that the company became successful is the hard work of the people that work for him. He says that everything else is pure brain power and determination.

Clay Siegall and his business make money in different ways. First, he sells his own line of drugs. He helped to develop a drug called Adcertis. His company received approval from the FDA to market the drug. He says it took quite a long time to get that approval but in the end, he has made quite a bit of money from that hard work.

One piece of advice that Clay Siegall would give to other business owners in the same category is to come together to help create the most effective drugs possible. By sharing ideas companies can come up with new techniques to make better drugs and help patients live better lives.

Clay Siegall is trying to assist as many people as he can. By creating new technology and new drugs to help fight often fatal disease, he is taking a new step in that direction. That progress can make everyone feel much better.

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