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Peace in the Middle East seems like a lofty goal that may never be achieved as conflict has been raging in the area for hundreds of years. While most agree that it may not happen, people like Daniel Taub are still working to try to improve the situation even if it can’t be completely fixed due to fundamental cultural and religious differences in the diverse countries in the region.

Much of this turmoil has been caused due to the disagreements concerning the Gaza Strip that Israel withdrew from in 2005. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub has been a foreign ambassador to Israel for many years and has spent his career trying to improve the lives of its citizens and open up communication between countries for the common interest of all involved.

This goal has recently been of utmost importance to the region after it became known that Iran was on a quest to acquire a nuclear bomb of their own, something that the majority of people around the globe agree needs to be stopped.

While the United Nations may think that their actions taken were a great step to stability and were touting it as one of the biggest achievements since the late 1970’s,

Daniel Taub thinks it may have doomed them to a near future with Iran as a possible nuclear power. The deal included provisions to loosen sanctions in exchange for a promise from Iran to not acquire nuclear weaponry or weapons-grade uranium.

This promise, Daniel Taub believes, is most likely not going to be met due to the fact that the United Nations is still allowing them to keep key equipment in the manufacturing of nuclear weaponry to remain present in Iran.

While Israel may have differences with the Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, Daniel Taub knows that these countries all share a great concern over Iran that should overcome their differences in pursuit of survival.

He believes that Israel is not the only country concerned with what is happening and ironically the fear of decimation may encourage a semblance of the elusive peace that those in the Middle East and the world are seeking.

These countries may have many differences that have caused war in the past, many of their concerns are the same and can be easily aligned if they can put their differences aside for the future of everyone in the Middle East.

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