Early life

Daniel Taub hails from Britain. Born in 1962, his earlier life was spent in the United Kingdom where he underwent his junior and senior studies.

Later in his life, Daniel gave up his British citizenship and departed to Israel.

New life in Israel

Daniel Taub started his newly found life by joining Israel Defence Forces where he worked as a combat medic. Afterward, he took part in the IDF’s international law division as a reserve officer. Life still opened surprise doors for him.

After a short period of stay in Israel, Daniel started working as a speechwriter for the then president, Chaim Herzog. Only later, in 1991, did he join Israeli Foreign ministry.

Daniel Taub’s diplomatic journey

Daniel bears lots of knowledge on international law. Moreover, he is expertly skilled in counter-terrorism and has specializations in laws of war.

All these unique traits enabled Daniel Taub to hold various posts, ranging from political to diplomatic, in the Israeli foreign ministry.

He represented Israel in chains of fora. He was at one time a peace negotiator and a member of Israel’s negotiation team. He led a string of negotiations between Israel and various countries.

In 2011, Daniel Taub met the queen for the first time. Bowing his head, he handed her his credentials and documents from the government in Israel, that he, Daniel Taub, had been declared the country’s ambassador to the court of St James’s.

His new position allowed Daniel to focus on areas that had not yet been exploited and as such, he concentrated on trade and technological links.

His typical day as an ambassador involved various activities such as academic and business cooperations among others.

Daniel’s contribution to Israel’s economy

In his tenure as the ambassador, Daniel developed the Dragon’s Den style startup, in partnership with Google, in which young starters could compete, and the winners would gain training program in Israel.

This act made him a nominee for the Grassroot diplomat initiative award.

The Israel embassy announced that in the short period of four years that Daniel had acted as an ambassador, trade between Israel and U.K. had doubled.

Moreso, academic and cultural links had significantly deepened between the two nations.

His work as the ambassador came to an end in 2015. He admitted that the task had been very demanding. Nevertheless, his four years were fascinating.
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