Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?, a New Book, Features a Chapter from Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry has traveled the world as an adviser to world leaders, assisting them with democratic constitutions and policy. He has traveled and worked in Nepal, Ukraine, and many other countries. Choudhry is respected world-wide for his knowledge concerning the topic of constitutional law. This knowledge was gained at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, and McGill University.

Choudhry is also an experienced author, contributing to educational publications and textbooks. Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? is a recent book in which Choudhry is featured. He was given his own chapter to discuss his thoughts on a tweet from Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States.

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Holder has been accused by President Trump as protecting Barack Obama during the Obama Presidency, so it is no surprise that Holder had choice words for Donald Trump. Holder shared these words in the former of a warning via Twitter. Holder claimed that the potential firing of Bob Mueller by President Trump would be a red-line, suggesting that the people of both sides will come out to show support.

Sujit Choudhry, in the book, said that Holder could have meant quite a few things by this statement. The red-line mentioned by Holder could be literal, citing the Constitution, claiming a definitive red-line outlined by the document. Holder could have also used the phrase red-line in a figurative sense, meaning that the action of firing Mueller is something the American people won’t allow.

The red-line could also be an unspoken rule of the presidency, similar to how the two term limitation was treated prior to becoming official law. A president attempting to extend term limitations in order to remain president indefinitely is a fair comparison to the firing of special investigating Bob Mueller, according to Choudhry.  Read more of his views on

Sujit Choudhry goes into more detail on how he believes these two actions are similar in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?

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