Lawrence Bender and his work with Tarantino

Lawrence Bender is one of the men behind classic films such as Good Will Hunting and Reservoir Dogs. As a producer, Bender has been involved in nearly ever Tarantino production. He is even cameos in some of his movies. As a member of the film industry, Bender has been nominated for 29 academy awards, taking home six. He is also a producer of documentaries. In Inconvenient Truth is one such documentary that Bender has produced. This documentary deals with the harsh realities of climate change. This is one of the films that earned him an academy award.

Lawrence Bender’s work towards charitable causes, like climate change awareness, is not limited to film productions. He also holds parties in Los Angeles in order to raise money towards a number of social and political issues.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown came out around the same time as another film of Lawrence Benders: Good Will Hunting. These two films marked the first time two films from the same producer competed against each other in the Berlin Films Festival. Bender is still the only producer to accomplish this feat.

The film Jackie Brown is a film adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel Rum Punch. It is a crime thriller about a woman who works as a flight attendant for a Mexican airline. She makes money on the side by smuggling things from Mexico to the United States.

Jackie Brown is historic in another way, marking the first time Tarantino created an adaptation from a previous medium.

Four Rooms

Four Rooms is another production from Lawrence Bender. It was released in 1995 and stars a wide range of actors. Bruce Willis, Salma Hayek, Kathy Griffin, Antonio Banderas, and Madonna are just a few names to be featured in this film.

This film was able to bring together such a large cast because it is actually several stories in one. The film centers around a bellhop played by Tim Roth. During a night at his motel he encounters several groups of very peculiar individuals.

The film was a joint venture between Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Alexandre Rockwell, and Allison Anders.

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