Susan McGalla Leading the Way for Women in Achieving Success in Business

One of the leading females in the world of business in the United States is Susan McGalla, who currently is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the years, Susan McGalla has been an inspiration to hundreds and thousands of females who want to excel in their career. Susan McGalla said in an interview that having grown up with two brothers, she was never given preferential treatment by her father. It is what inculcated in her the culture of equality. It helped her become strong and never feel any less than the male counterparts, whether it is school, college, and now, business.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, which provides financial consulting to the people, specializing in retail. Susan McGalla said that many other females could follow her lead to excel in their career, but mentioned that one of the mistakes that most women make is leaving their education incomplete. She said that completing studies is very important for people and those they must finish their education to get better jobs with the higher pay scale. If you are looking to become an executive in a company, your education profile would play a very important role. So, make sure that you complete your education and follow the footsteps of other leaders in your field. It is what would help you achieve your dreams in today’s corporate culture.

Susan McGalla advice women around the world not to be afraid of realizing their dreams. Even though there will be a lot of problems on the way, one has to rise above it to achieve success. He also advises women to help others too just as she does. She is a leader in her own terms and also guides other women in the business sector in their career.

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