Igor Cornelsen Chooses Facts Over Ideology

For Igor Cornelsen, bias and instilling one’s own ideologies into their investments can lead to devasted results financially. This is why when he makes decisions as an investment manager, he only uses pure data before others have had the chance to make their own analysis and opinions on the matter. If he could give any advice to his younger self with less experience in the industry, he would tell hem the importance of getting the right information at the right time. In fact, he would give this same advice to any young investment managers that are just getting into the industry.

When making investment decisions based on the information they have found, it’s important to look at the world and the market in its entirety instead of just looking at a few areas. He suggests using sources like Reuters to gather information and data because they have no bias. When reading information that has been analyzed by other investors, you aren’t getting the whole picture as people always skew information based on their own system of beliefs that aren’t always correct.

By Igor Cornelsen analyzing pure data in the manner that he does through sites such as Reuters, he has been able to predict some pretty substantial trends that had not yet affected the market. This has led to him being able to complete some rather profitable transactions. One of the predictions that made him a large amount of money was his stance on Russia when they had defaulted on their lenders and were forced to leave the market.

Nobody else believed that they would ever be able to get out of their financial situation as they would not be willing to come to any type of agreement with their lenders. Fortunately for Igor Cornelsen, they did work to pay off their debt and were able to once again get back onto the market. Some of the news that he follows concerns countries who are selling their assets to countries he believes will soon be in decline, especially when these markets are improving their own investment assets and updates his investment portfolio.


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