Malcolm CasSelle: Changing the Face of In-Game Virtual Assets Trade

Malcolm CasSelle, the current president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, is not new to the world of technology. His career began in 1995 when he cofounded NetNoir, a media production website focused on Afrocentric culture. He went ahead to join Pacific Century Cyberworks and served as the Senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO from 1998 to 2002. In 2006, he joined Capital Union Investment, a Hong Kong-based company as a director. While here, he managed private direct investments into late-stage web companies. He later joined Tencent, an instant messaging and gaming company.

In 2012, Malcolm CasSelle was named the CEO of Xfire which is a global social network for video game players. After one year of service with Xfire, he became the CEO of MediaPass, a company that generates subscription revenues for digital content. Further, CasSelle cofounded a social media tracking company known as Time Labs and served as its CEO. After the acquisition of the company by SeaChange and subsequent rebranding, CasSelle became the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the new merger now known as Digital Media of SeaChange International. In 2016, he was CTO’s president (formerly Tribune Publishing) before becoming the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange in 2017.

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a trading platform specializing in virtual assets. It is a P2P marketplace built on a decentralized smart contract to enhance trading between buyers. Additionally, WAX is designed to counter common problems for virtual asset markets like fraud and fragmentation. It achieves this through simple blockchain-enabled widgets that allow users to buy or sell products without clicking off their games. Essentially, WAX reduces friction that often exists in the virtual asset trading world. Notably, WAX operates under the umbrella company called OPSkins where Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO. It is among the leading companies globally in in-game virtual assets trading. Noteworthy, Malcolm CasSelle holds a degree from MIT in Computer Science and a Masters in the same from Stanford University. Undoubtedly, he is the face of the gaming industry and virtual asset trading.

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