The Future of Fashion by the Academy of Art University

There is an abundance of fashion schools to choose from in today’s modern society, but all aren’t created equal. Some of the school are very good while others are very poor. One of the top fashion schools in the nation is the Academy of Art University. This San Francisco-based institute has improved on its services throughout the years, and it is now making huge waves in the fashion industry. The Academy of Art University has produced a lot of well-rounded talent that specializes in fashion design. Many of these students have displayed their stuff at New York Fashion Week. If you know anything about fashion, then you’d understand just how important this event truly is.

The designers that come to participate in New York Fashion Week are indigenous to other regions of the world. This includes China, Brazil, Japan, India and Nigeria. Skylight Clarkson Square is one of the major centers for the event’s fashion shows. Academy of Art University was represented by 10 of its MFA and BFA graduates. These professionals provided five women’s wear lines, two men’s wear lines and two collaborations. Each fashion line had its own personal style. The amount of painstaking hours that went into producing these collections is astounding to some degree, which consisted of classes, workshops and internships. This spectacular event was also displayed via livestream. Academy of Art University definitely showed up as well as showed out in front of an eclectic mix of people.

In addition to its barrage of glamorous fashion attire at the 2017 New York Fashion Week, this school has produced talent that has gone on to successful careers in the entertainment industry. Some of the school’s alumni has worked on and has received awards for blockbuster films such as “Sully,” “Get Out,” “The Revenant” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.”


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