Peter Briger Leads Fortress Direct lending INto New Areas Of Success

Upon his arrival at Fortress Equity in 2002, Peter Briger found himself at the heart of one of the fastest growing private equity companies in the world. Always seen as a trailblazer, Briger and Fortress were among the most impressive private equity experts in the U.S. who led the first public offering by a privately-held equity company. By 2017, Fortress had been led by its Principal, Peter Briger to such a high-level of success that the Japanese banking giant, Softbank bought the company for $3.3 billion.

Upon starting his career, Peter Briger made his name as a trader at Goldman Sachs where he spent 15 years before making his way to Fortress where he became the principal for many of the companies impressive hedge funds. In recent years, Briger has spent the majority of his time overseeing the inner workings of the hugely successful Hybrid Hedge Fund which adds to the more than $70 billion in assets under management for Fortress. The Principals head a global workforce of more than 1,100 employees working from 15 global offices allowing the company access to every market on the planet.

From his hometown in New York, Peter Briger has created one of the most successful business careers in the financial markets based on the impressive education completed by the Fortress Principal. Beginning his education at Princeton with a Bachelor’s degree, Briger moved on to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business Management to complete his Master’s in Business.

Among the many different roles undertaken by Briger at Fortress is his position as the co-Chief Investment Officer for the group which sees him oversee the strategy to provide high-profit margins for investors. Away from Fortress, Peter Briger has become a popular philanthropist supporting the Tipping Point group dedicated to improving academic opportunities for children across the U.S. The entrepreneurial efforts of Briger include his work with the Princeton University Investment Company which aims to allow students to achieve their personal dreams of entrepreneurial success.

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