The Potential of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV are one of the oldest independent news series’ around today, and with that distinction, NewsWatch possesses the ability and skill to make their production quality far superior to the rest. This commitment to high quality has resulted in the series winning a multitude of varying awards, including the Silver Telly in 2016, as well as being nominated for a second, and the National Videographer Award. In addition, NewsWatch took home the Marcom Award in 2017 in both Gold and Platinum. Since their first episode in the spring of 1990, NewsWatch TV have developed segments for a variety of businesses and companies, as well as have reported the news on a variety of topics including foreign interests, medical technology, education, and much more. NewsWatch have developed and produced segments for various Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, boosting both profits and interest. For twenty eight years NewsWatch TV have provided businesses with the same professional production skill that they will yours!

With pricing for segments dependent upon how far you wish to extend their reach, NewsWatch TV has an option for any size company. With a client roster including D-LINK, Audi, and Sony, it’s easy to see that NewsWatch TV have a professional and top tier attitude about all of their segments. This commitment to production perfection, and incredibly vast reach, can assist you in propelling your business past your goals. Take Avanca for example, a small tech start up looking to meet a $10,000 Indiegogo goal. After their NewsWatch TV segment, not only did Avanca achieve the goal, they raised $50,000 to dedicate toward their business and launching their product. Working alongside NewsWatch TV to develop a segment centered around your brand and business, has the potential to do the same for you.


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