Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital LLC is an investment company based in Connecticut State. The company was established in 1996 to provide financial services and solutions to large businesses and individuals. Southridge Capital has revolutionized the financial solutions world. This has made the company a top contender in the financial solutions world.

In the last twenty years, Southridge Capital has managed to serve more than 250 financial institutions across the world. So far, the company has made an investment of more than $1.8 billion. This has made the company stay versed in various complex financial issues in the world. The company understands the problems of growing company including how to optimize balance sheet, and financing techniques.

Southridge Capital provides specific solutions to clients on various financial issues. The company financial solutions products including direct investment through common stock, convertible preferred notes, debt purchase, equity facilities, and debt-equity swap transactions. In addition, Equity Purchase Agreements prepared by the company allow firms to raise capital at any time irrespective of market conditions. To see more checkout


The company provides business advisory services such as revamping product lines, management changes, streaming company operations, mergers and acquisitions. These serves are meant to improve the bottom line of the company.

Southridge  believes in ethics to strengthen as well as improve itself positively affects the whole of society and community. To this end, the company engages in philanthropic acts, community leadership, and voluntary work. Therefore, it has partnered with Daystar Foundation to support

Currently, Stephen Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital. Previously, he worked as a hedge fund company before deciding to start the company. Today, he works on setting and maintaining the strategic direction of the company. He has also played a critical role in the implementation of the strategic plan of the business.

Mr. Hicks reviews the current portfolio of the company as well as seeks new opportunities for the company for investment. Since he started the company, he has made a large network of contacts from who he gets referrals who need financing as well as other assistance. To understand the latest trends in the market, Stephen Hicks relies on online sources including Quotestream and Wall Street Journal. For more details you can visit





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