Shervin Pishevar: Inflation is Dead and Has Never Manifested itself in the way People Thought

Shervin Pishevar has taken everyone by storm after highlighting that inflation no longer exists. People have been astonished by the comments of the renowned investor, and they don’t know who to believe given that a person of that caliber would come with such arguments. However, there is some sense in it, and it will only take some time after which individuals will realize what the financial analyst was trying to allude by highlighting that inflation was dead.

There is an argument that the constant increase in the prices of goods from time to time has caused inflation, or it is actually inflation. Shervin Pishevar indicates that economists have tried by all means to spell doom to the American citizens about how inflation will affect their lives, especially the purchasing power of the middle class, which forms the largest group of individuals in the United States.

However, Shervin Pishevar, notes that citizens have enjoyed continuously multiple benefits from the government to the extent that they don’t need to complain about the increasing cost of goods and services. For example, the minimum wage has been adjusted several times where all employed persons have earned a significant amount of money to navigate the inflation outcry. Moreover, the goods have remained at a fair price, which is accessible to all the individuals with slight purchasing power.

Shervin Pishevar wants to allude that inflation tendencies are there in the economy for every person to see but there has been the application of the necessary measures to reverse these trends. People expect inflation to the take the world with a storm, which doesn’t happen so often. The benefit is that the drastic rise in prices for consumer goods is highly monitored, hence does not affect the individuals.

However, this is not to mean that inflation tendencies will never be experienced in the world again. It is important to note that a small trigger in consumer behavior or a slight increase in the money supply in the economy could have devastating effects on the demand for goods and services in the economy. Shervin Pishevar notes that policymakers should always monitor the situation and ensure that inflation never manifests.

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