Southridge Capital; Acknowledging More Than Two Decades of Excellence

Southridge Capital has been operating as a private equity firm since its inception in 1996. The Connecticut based investment company was founded to help offer financial solutions to both start-up and large businesses. The firm has managed to add more than 250 public corporations to its portfolio by aiding them with various financial solutions.


Southridge Capital specializes in providing two main services; Advisory consulting and financial investment strategies. Advisory consulting entails on guiding clients on the right paths to take to financial freedom and wise investment decision making and management protocol. These services include balance sheet optimization, debt-equity balancing, analyzing and predicting future financial positions and aiding clients with mergers and acquisitions. They also have experts in giving analyzed and well-researched advice on general financial queries for large businesses. As for the financing sector, Southridge Capital is well known for finding creative methods of obtaining financing and funds to run operations or for expansion needs. Clients that are looking not to dirty their credit-worthiness sheets can seek assistance form Southridge as the firm aids in acting as intermediary and pays debt on behalf of their clients or instead matches the firms with other financial institutions to help clear their names.


According to PR Newswire, behind Southridge Capital, is Stephen Hicks, who currently sits as the CEO and is also the architect of the investment firm. Hicks owes his expertise and skills from his rich educational background where he is an alumnus of King’s College and Fordham University where he gained his Bachelors in Business Administration and MBA respectively. Hicks began his career at a small hedge fund in New York and had the chance to learn a lot about the capital market as well as make meaningful interactions with clients in the industry. He was inspired to start his hedge fund firm, and Southridge Capital was born.


With over two decades in the industry, Stephen Hicks has mastered the art of listening and acting by clients’ needs. He also believes that he owes his vast experience the much success he enjoys currently with Southridge Capital standing tall in the industry. Despite everything, at the top of all good ideas, the greatest business plans make the difference according to the Southridge Capital master.





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