Connecting the Nation through Railroads: A Fortress-Branson Expansion

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a worldwide financial management firm that is focused on a variety of global investments. Fortress Investment Group LLC, to say the least, is one of the top-notch, leading firms in their industry. Now on its’ 30th year, Fortress now handles about 2,000 clients, companies and investors all around the world and Fortress handles and manages their investments in real estate, equity and helps for strategic planning for their permanent capital investments. Needless to say the Fortress Group is a company that you can rely on. Read the article at to learn more about Fortress Investment Group.


The Fortress Investment Group recently partnered up with Richard Branson for a joint venture that focuses on the brand, Virgin. In a nutshell, Richard Branson is a British Billionaire – a business tycoon and a philanthropist. Richard is an enthusiast and a patron of technology and he has been closely interested in developing and transforming air travel with supersonic, hyper-advanced jets; but for now he has settled with helping transportation by land with quality passenger trains. Richard Branson is the main factor in lending the Virgin brand to Fortress Investment Group and Richard has invested in Fortress in order to propel Virgin railroads. The Virgin Brand, group of railroads in Florida, is the first US-based railroad company that is privately-funded, in more than 100 years.


Late last year, Richard Branson has met with one of the heads of Fortress Group, Wes Edens at Virgin’s new office station that is based in Miami to discuss and pre-plan Eden’s vision for the nationwide takeover of the Virgin railroads.


This Fortress-Branson-Virgin partnered venture is a marker that passenger train land travel can be revived and be profitable in the United States. For the longest time, the government-ran, federally funded Amtrak, to which this company has held a long ran monopoly in train travel nationwide.


The partnership venture will further expand to Orlando and Tampa, and the construction will start next year and this will be linked to the railroads in Las Vegas and So Cal. The railroad service eyes to expand to multiple regions like Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Closing the nation with an intricate railroad service. Learn More:

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