Steve Ritchie Highlights Diversification Steps to be Taken by Papa Johns

Steve Ritchie who is Papa Johns current Chief Executive officer has begun Papa Johns pizza brand diversification campaign. This follows the recent decline in sales as well as clients expression of dissatisfaction. Steve Ritchie has therefore penned an open letter addressing all the stakeholders concerning how they are going to get things done. This had seen Papa Johns Sales in the North American Store had declined by 6.1% in the second quarter of the year.

Firstly, Steve Ritchie said that his team has already undergone through an intense Unconscious Bias Training that makes them ready for the task ahead. He further says that the program is going to be rolled out in all the branches countrywide.

Secondly, Steve Ritchie said that a cultural independent audit team had been formed. The team diversification and inclusion investigations were also underway. This teams mandate is to give directive recommendations to Papa Johns. This was triggered by the trip Steve Ritchie and other leaders had taken to Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta to get views from the members and stakeholders on how to improve their services.

Thirdly, Steve Ritchie said that Papa Johns was going to assemble a specialized group of advisors comprising of respected diversity, inclusion and equity expertise to offer guidance on the branding of Papa Johns. He personally thinks he’s going to add glamour to Papa Johns team.

Furthermore, the team is underway in making the development of long-term initiatives that will move Papa Johns a notch higher. These entail the expansion of franchise owned by minorities and it’s development program as well as forming a foundation that will impact positively on employees and the community at large.

Fourthly, Steve Ritchie said that Papa Johns was going to retain Bank of America Corp as well as Lazard Limited to advise business entities on how to strategically conduct businesses. This was a great assurance that Papa Johns profit margins were going to improve significantly.

Finally, the CEO said that they were going to initiate some changes in the royalties and pricing as well as conduct new marketing and advertising strategies to get things done. They were also going to prioritize clients they are the core of the business.

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