Oren Frank Revolutionizes the Health Care Industry with Therapy App

In these modern times, there seems to be an ever-growing conversation revolving around mental health. It’s more socially acceptable to have an issue with mental health and because of this, there is a more obvious need for easy access to mental health care. CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank, has an innovative approach to making health care more accessible and affordable for everyone. Talkspace is an app that facilitates therapy via a weekly fee. The app has grown to 1 million users in just five years, making it obvious that there is a need for more accessible health services. Connect Oren Frank on Twitter

In order to reach more people, Oren Frank has brought on Neil Leibowitz who has previously worked as a senior medial director at United Health, as well as having a background in health insurance. The objective with bringing Neil Leibowitz into the fold is to partner with corporate businesses to provide app usage to their employees. This is beneficial on both ends because of the effect that mental health has on employee productivity, and therefore, the company.

Although the Talkspace app brings in tens of millions of dollars a year, Oren Frank’s Twitter profile portrays someone who doesn’t compromise integrity for financial gain. His recent tweets include several articles that show the negative affects social media has on an individual’s mental health and the greedy agendas of pharmaceutical endeavors. Not only could he very easily be banking on the greed conjured up by the pharmaceutical industry, but instead chooses to shed light on the corruption that runs rampant through the medical industry. Just like the lack of integrity in big pharma, he could also choose to cloak the effects social media has on mental health, potentially feeding the need for affordable therapists, and causing his company to profit even more. He doesn’t, however, and is educating the public on controversial topics that only show his authenticity in his crusade to bring mental health care to all.

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