Month: March 2019

An Interview With West Edens

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Recently, sportscaster Ric Bucher interviewed Wes Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, during the NBA All-Star Game weekend. Bucher started off the interview by mentioning that one of the Bucks’ other co-owners had appeared in the celebrity all-star game and asked Edens if he planned to do the same in the future. Displaying some…

The Famous Lecturer and Speaker

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Mr . Sujit Choudhry is a renowned figure in the one of the most reputable institution responsible for sharing knowledge and provide support in constitution building .Constitutional transition today is very popular and he is a well-known figure on politics and constitutional law. Mr. Choudhry has toured over 30 countries to share his diverse knowledge…

Why Flavio Maluf is Success in Business

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Flavio Maluf has recently become the role model to many young professionals in Brazil and even in the world. The businessman, who is associated with one of the wealthiest political families in the country, has never depended on the success of his family to climb the ladder of success. His personal attributes have made him…

The Value Of Mentorship by Sandy Chin

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It is true that people are able to gain more knowledge and skill through their mentors. The mentors are the people who provide professional support based on their personal experiences in order to help an individual achieve success from school and beyond. Good quality of mentoring will greatly influence and have a huge impact on…

A Few Secrets from a Marketing Guru – Gustavo Martinez

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A highly skilled marketing and advertising consultant, Gustavo Martinez has been in the marketing and advertising industry for the last 35 years. During his career, he has overseen the creation of iconic brands that have proceeded to become pop-culture touchstones and led some of the most important firms in the industry. He was CEO of…


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