A Few Secrets from a Marketing Guru – Gustavo Martinez

A highly skilled marketing and advertising consultant, Gustavo Martinez has been in the marketing and advertising industry for the last 35 years.

During his career, he has overseen the creation of iconic brands that have proceeded to become pop-culture touchstones and led some of the most important firms in the industry.

He was CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide which is one of the giant marketing firms in the world. Gustavo Martinez has also served as president of McCann Worldgroup and Olgilvy and Mather which are two of the most respected marketing firms in the industry.

He previously worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse.

His Current Work

In his own words, Gustavo Martinez has got into a phase in his life that is more entrepreneurial. He has recently taken the direction of consulting and business acceleration.

He describes a consultant as an independent contractor providing high-end services at the strategic and operational levels. Business acceleration aims at helping both established brands, and startups apply proven principles and strategies in marketing and product development.

Gustavo Martinez works with a company by the name of UV Business Acceleration to help startups streamline things from the first day such as insight gleaned from analytics, user experience, technology design, and functionality.

With the current success rate of startups being 10%, they have a mission to raise it to 90% via through total-marketing-strategy optimization. Gustavo Martinez was recently called by an Artificial Intelligence company, Massive Data Heights, which analyzes consumer reviews transforming them into actionable marketing and business insights.

What Is His Leadership Style?

As a team leader, Gustavo Martinez tries to keep his members motivated and genuinely inspired. He achieves this by placing people in projects that are of interest to them.

He is also keen on recognizing excellent work which he believes is a great human motivator. He sees his team as made of highly talented artists and creates an environment that brings them out as such.

Gustavo Martinez is an active listener who believes everyone has something important to say and contribute. He is generous and always strives to make people know their worth.

What is the Secret Behind his Success?

In his career, Gustavo Martinez has realized that creativity is at the core of every great marketing campaign. Diversity among team members thus brings forth a wide range of ideas that result in creative solutions to problems.

For this reason, to be successful in the marketing industry, you need creative geniuses in your team.

In the companies Gustavo Martinez has worked with, they have elevated recruitment into a science, ensuring they get the top talent from every new crop of college graduates. They are willing to invest a lot to get the best in the field.

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