Why Flavio Maluf is Success in Business

Flavio Maluf has recently become the role model to many young professionals in Brazil and even in the world. The businessman, who is associated with one of the wealthiest political families in the country, has never depended on the success of his family to climb the ladder of success. His personal attributes have made him have a name in the society. At the moment, Flavio Malux is the chairman of the board of directors for a family company called Eucatex. The businessman is also the president of a large institution called Grandfood. Raising a company to become successful in the tough society gives people sleepless nights. Flavio Maluf has committed his career life serving customers who visit his family business, and this is why he has helped to make the company grow locally and internationally. For more information about Flavio, view his crunchbase profile.

Flavio has always been hard working. As a young man, the businessman wanted a career in engineering, and this is the course he preferred when he went into the university. The executive realized that the business world had better opportunities and this is why he abandoned his degree in mechanical engineering so that he could become a full time entrepreneur. The family business has always been given to the most focused member, and this is why Flavio Maluf was given the leadership role in the year 1997. Things took a different direction for the company since then. Having spent decades in the world of business, Flavio Malux has the best advice for anyone who is about to venture into it. In a recent interview, the Brazilian executive encourages everyone to proceed in business but with so much caution. Gone are the days when people believed that being in business was a great idea because there was more profits and less work. Modern businesses require so much work and commitment from all the stakeholders.



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