An Interview With West Edens

Recently, sportscaster Ric Bucher interviewed Wes Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, during the NBA All-Star Game weekend. Bucher started off the interview by mentioning that one of the Bucks’ other co-owners had appeared in the celebrity all-star game and asked Edens if he planned to do the same in the future. Displaying some modesty, Wes Edens said that he did not because he does not consider himself to be a celebrity.

A passion for outdoor sports

The conversation turned to hobbies, and Wes Edens mentioned that he is an avid rock climber. While his business pursuits do not leave him much spare time, when he can get away from the office he enjoys rock climbing, especially in the Grand Teton region of Wyoming. He said that when he climbs, he turns off his cell phone and cuts himself off from the outside world so that he can focus, and it generally takes him a day or two in the wilderness to unwind and decompress from his stressful job. Wes Edens grew up on a ranch in Montana surrounded by mountains, so rock climbing is a pursuit that seems natural to him. Once, he found himself in a dangerous situation when he nearly ran out rope when he was rappelling, but he was able to recover and move on.

An unusual background

Wes Edens is a successful investor, and he made his fortune in New York City. However, he didn’t come from a typical Wall Street background because his father was a psychologist, and his mother was a schoolteacher. His parents taught him to be empathetic, he said, and he believes this is a valuable trait for a successful business person because it gives perspective into how everyone involved in a potential deal is seeing the situation. When asked about why he was originally interested in buying into the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, he spoke passionately and at length. Edens explained that there is a great love of sports in Wisconsin at every level, and he wanted to tap into the enthusiasm both for personal and professional reasons.

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