Rebel Wilson Celebrates Birthday With Nod To Cats

Rebel Wilson spent her 39th birthday celebrating in style, although exactly how she celebrated may surprise some fans. Taking to Instagram, Ms. Wilson documented her day a few different activities. Chief among these was a relatively unique form of exercise known as catzercise.

Ms. Wilson shared a photo of herself and a few friends in outfits similar to the hit musical production Cats. She also took in a performance of the show and posted an image of herself and the cast, Rebel Wilson also noted how great the show was, noting many of the actors’ performances.

However, that’s not all that Ms. Wilson shared; during her 30-minute catzercise session, she and her friends were taught a variety of different dance moves. The actress then shared two videos of them performing the dance moves in cat costumes; Ms. Wilson was also sporting pink furry armbands and cat ears.

According to Rebel Wilson’s Instagram caption, the catzercise class was a surprise birthday present from her friends. In a second post, the Isn’t It Romantic star praised the exercise routine and urged many of her fans to try it; she noted that not only was it a lot of fun, but it was a great workout. The routine was a not so subtle not to Rebel Wilson’s upcoming role in a live action film adaption of the Broadway musical.

According to a variety of reports, production on the film has already finished. Rebel Wilson will play Jennyanydots and will star alongside Idris Elba, Dame Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden. Singer Taylor Swift is also set to take up a role in the film and is set to portray the character Bombalurina. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour andPitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

In a recent interview, Ms. Wilson noted that Ms. Swift was incredible in the role while they were filming and that the pair got along great during the production. She also noted Ms. Swift’s looks when she noted that her character was the best looking out of all the cats. Actor Idris Elba also noted how professional Taylor Swift was during the production, despite it being one of her first major roles.

Mr. Elba noted that he and Ms. Swift shared a variety of scenes together and that she was a pleasure to work with and was happy to be there. However, Rebel Wilson’s birthday wasn’t all Cats related; in another Instagram post uploaded on the day, Ms. Wilson showed off some of the results of a cake making class.

This was done at Milk Bar, and Ms. Wilson had a significant hand in making her own birthday cake. However, she didn’t seem to mind making her cake and seemed to be enjoying the entire day, especially with much of it being a surprise.

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