Isabel dos Santos life as a Philanthropist

From 1979 to 2017, Jose Eduardo dos Santos served as the president in Angola; her is the father of Isabel dos Santos and independent entrepreneur among the richest women in Africa. She has worked very hard to attain her wealth since Isabel dos Santos is a graduate from King’s college based in London she has served in the infrastructure development, economic growth and business administration hence gaining extensive skills. She has more than $5 billion according to Forbes statistics.

Over the years Isabel dos Santos has been in the front line investing in Africa aiming at empowering women, economic growth and digitalization in Africa. She is a role model and leads by example since the African wealthy people community is male-dominated hence she is faced by stressful situations. Isabel dos Santos believes that in Africa if people work together both male and female, there will be a massive development. She created a movement to create awareness to women on education as well as their role in the African Industry.

Isabel dos Santos promotes upcoming investors financially, and since she wants Africa to have a bright future, Isabel dos Santos takes her time visiting students in conferences, seminars, high school and colleges discussing the steps to be considered to make it in the entrepreneurial sector. She is always in the front line to speak on behalf of Africans internationally and even locally. Isabel dos Santos has played a significant role in the installation of a 4G network aimed at promoting internet access for Africans; they can be able to study with the internet as well as share ideas with other investors.

Isabel is the CEO of Unitel, she has to make significant decisions for the company to promote communications. Unitel is the largest mobile servicing company in Angola. In all Isabel dos Santos Investments, she has created more than 50,000 employments hence supporting to economic growth as well as unity. Isabel dos Santos is devoted to creating awareness on the importance of learning about advanced technology that will lead to development in agriculture, banking services among other sectors. She encourages Africans to believe in their selves.

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