Jojo Hedaya has carved a successful career for himself from his company Unroll.Me. He co-founded the company with Josh Rosenwald who was his college buddy. The two had to put their studies on hold to focus on Unroll.Me and their hard work paid out in the end. is now a huge and successful company and a few years back, Slice acquired it. Jojo Hedaya remained a part of Unroll.Me after the purchase working towards bettering the company. Jojo Hedaya believes in working with the best employees in all his projects, and this is one of the reasons behind Unroll.Me’s success in the market. Jojo assembled a team of passionate and determined people that worked towards ensuring the success of the company.Jojo Hedaya is from New York but traveled to Israel to acquire a college education. He was introduced to Josh Rosenwald by their college teacher, and together they built an empire. Most startups fail in the first years of business due to various reasons, but Jojo’s company was able to stay afloat despite not being sponsored by any investors. Their success can be attributed to the smart business decisions that they made. Both Jojo and Josh had a passion for creating a new app that would transform the experience of people who used emails. It was this passion that gave them the energy to surpass any hardships that they encountered. The two were not people to waste resources and therefore took the least amount of time in releasing the first version of Unroll.Me. The version took approximately two months to be up and running, and Jojo Hedaya admits that it was not perfect. This, however, did not scare Jojo and his team as they were ready to make it better from user reviews.Even though the first version had some problems, it received a lot of media attention that enabled Unroll.Me to expand. It is from the criticism that Unroll.Me received from users that Jojo and Rosenwald worked on perfecting it. The reviews enabled them to know what their clients preferred and to work on these areas. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald ensured that Unroll.Me was easy to use, and this earned them more clients.

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