Sergey Petrossov the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov is among the successful young entrepreneurs; he has lived with his family in Russia where he attended his high school and started his first business of importing and exporting several tire rims. Sergey is a hardworking, creative, innovative and self- motivated entrepreneur ready to make a legacy in the world. He is known across the globe for his success on founding the JetSmarter Company based in Fort Lauderdale. JetSmarter has established other offices in Dubai, Zurich, Moscow, London, and Riyadh. Sergey is devoted to expanding the reach of the company by ensuring that they serve the wide range of people allowing them to book private jets at relatively affordable costs and using a straight forward process that does not involve long lines and a lot of paperwork.

After graduating from the University of Florida, where Sergey Petrossov gained extensive experience in technology; he was employed at a jet company as a board advisor to promote their customer services. Working in this company motivated him to improve the jet services system and in 2009 after being sponsored by various investors like Jay-Z, Saudi royal family, and others; Sergey was able to achieve his goals.

JetSmarter is a unique company since Sergey has extensive skills and knowledge on jet services; he ensures that the jet schedules are reliable, convenient and faster. He has adopted modern technology to ensure people can receive services online where they can book a jet at their home comfort zone.

Having studied Computer Science at school, Sergey Petrossov founded an online learning system; he provided the people from Eastern Europe and other Native Countries with an opportunity to learn Russian. Sergey Petrossov has been recognized by Forbes for his contributions to the society and since he was a youth he has set an excellent example for the upcoming investors.

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