How Vinod Gupta’s Story of the American Dream can Inspire Yours, Too

The American Dream

It’s often spoken about but what actually is the American Dream? Long ago, it was defined as a place in life where you received a good amount of money that allowed you to own a home, support your family, and still have enough to splurge or go on a vacation. Essentially, it’s financial security. Over time, the American Dream has changed. For some, it’s simply being able to live in America. For others, it may be about traveling or having a family. At its very heart, however, the American Dream is about satisfaction. Reaching that satisfaction isn’t always the easiest mountain to climb, however. Vinod Gupta also had a mountain to climb when he wanted to achieve the American Dream. Through his experience, he’s been able to offer tips and anecdotes about how you can find your American Dream, too.

Starting Humbly

To understand Vinod Gupta’s path to success, you first have to examine his roots. Vinod Gupta was born and raised in a humble Indian village that didn’t have many of the basic needs that Americans are used to. There wasn’t any electricity, no running water, and roads were non-existent. Despite that, Vinod Gupta graduated from high school and applied to university. Eventually, he chose to transfer to the University of Nebraska.

There he would find an interest in marketing and agriculture. Gupta would later go on to start his own business and bring in an incredible amount of success. Despite all of that, however, Vinod Gupta still maintains how important it is to give back to one’s community. For Gupta, he chose to invest in education back in India. While financial success was one part of his American Dream, the bulk of it stems from his ability to give back charitably.

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