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How Deirdre Baggot Is Advancing The Healthcare Industry

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Deirdre Baggot is one of America’s foremost experts on bundled payment plans in the healthcare industry. These types of plans pay a single fixed payment for all the care and services a patient receives for their specific medical condition over the course of a pre-determined amount of time. If the hospital and doctors are able…

Agora Financial Offers The Safest And Fastest Way To Invest Your Money

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Agora Financial Offers The Safest And Fastest Way To Invest Your Money Agora Financial have solved all the problems of all the people who have been looking for some proper guidelines and to follow a track to achieve a security goal with financial stability. One can achieve growth by circulating money and for that one…

Peter Briger Leads Fortress Direct lending INto New Areas Of Success

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Upon his arrival at Fortress Equity in 2002, Peter Briger found himself at the heart of one of the fastest growing private equity companies in the world. Always seen as a trailblazer, Briger and Fortress were among the most impressive private equity experts in the U.S. who led the first public offering by a privately-held…

Malcolm CasSelle: Changing the Face of In-Game Virtual Assets Trade

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Malcolm CasSelle, the current president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, is not new to the world of technology. His career began in 1995 when he cofounded NetNoir, a media production website focused on Afrocentric culture. He went ahead to join Pacific Century Cyberworks and served as the Senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO from…

Whitney Wolfe Is Turning A New Page

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Her Biggest Day Her wedding in Amalfi Coast represents an entirely new chapter for Whitney Wolfe. The CEO of Bumble has decided to make her marriage a new start for herself. As a single woman, her work at Bumble created one of the most prominent dating apps around and she’s currently enjoys her status as…

Glen Wakeman Assisting startups Establish Foundation

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Glen Wakeman is an investor who mentors young entrepreneurs through his blog posts. He has had tremendous success in business for more than ten years. During his illustrious career which started at GE capital as CEO, the board of directors and several administrative posts. In 2015 Glen developed Launchpad holdings, a company Glen uses to…


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